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 $10.00  Shipping fee for all bows on this page.

For you and your bows safety all recurve bow manufacturers recommend using a bow stringer to brace your bow.  For this reason we will provide a bow stringer FREE with every bow purchase.
bowstringer instruct                bowstringer

Greatree  Archery products are manufactured in China at a new state of the art facility. Recent new United States ownership guarantees a quality bow at a reasonable price. They are exported to their United States warehouse where the actual Greatree owner oversee's operations . All bows carry a full one year warranty.

Greatree Archery Mohegan: is available in 48", 54", 62", 66" and 68" in both right and left hand. The handle riser has bushings for mounting sights, rests, & stabilizers. Handle risers are made of laminated hardwoods with comfortable grips. The limbs are wood core with fiberglass face and back and finished limb tips. Dacron bow string with nock point and rubber arrow rest included. We pre-assemble all our bows and give them a complete quality inspection before repackaging with extra padding to assure your bow reaches you in great condition.
Greatree Archery Mohegan Recurve bow youth
48"   12,  16,  20                                 $94.95        Item:48#MOH675010
54"  16#,  20#,  24#,  28#                   $104.95        Item:54#MOH726010
62"  16 thru 28# in 2# increments     $104.95        Item:62#MOH765010
62"  30 thru 40# in 2# increments     $109.95      Item:62#MOH835010
66"  16 thru  28# in 2# increments    $104.95       Item:66#MOH765010

66"  30 thru 38# in 2# increments     $109.95      Item:#66MOH835010

68"  20, 24, 28, 32, 36#                      $109.95      Item:#68MOH845010

Additional limbs are available for all these size bows.
48"  $47.50  Item:#LIM354010         54"  52.50  Item:#LIM380010   
62" &  66" Under 30lbs    $55.00     Item:#LIM400010
62" &  66"  Over 30lbs     $59.50     Item:#LIM440010
****These limbs also fit the Bullseye bows, Ragim Matrix and KAP Prostyle riser and the PSE Razorbak.

Greatree Archery "Firefox"
take-down recurve target bow. The handle riser is laminated hardwoods and has bushings installed for mounting your favorite accessories. The new 2011 models in 54" and 62" have the arrow shelf cut so to give the option to either shoot from the shelf or from an elevated arrow rest.  It is available in either right or left hand. Takes down easily using thumb screws. The limbs are maple core with black fiberglass face and backed with finished limb tips. Comes with the proper bowstring with nock point installed and a durable rubber arrows in also installed.
Greatree Archery Firefox bow
48"    20#                                  $89.95        Item:#48FIR700010
54"   16, 20, 24, & 28#             $104.95        Item:#54FIR765010
62"   16, 20, 24, 28#                 $109.95      Item:#62FIR797510
62"   32, 36, 40#                       $109.95      Item:#62FIR867510
66"    18, 22, 26#                      $109.95      Item:#66FIR797510
66"    30, 34, 38#                      $109.95      Item:#66FIR867510

Samick Polaris
is manufactured in China by one of Asia's oldest bow makers and carry a full one year warranty. Like all bows we sell it will come with an arrowrest installed and the proper dacron bowstring with nock point. The handle riser is laminated hardwood with inserts installed for mounting you favorite archery accessories. The limbs are wood core with white fiberglass face and backing.
48"    18#    $79.95   right hand only
62"   16#     $93.95   right & left available

Fiber glass target bows for beginners. Durable low cost bow for beginners, these bows can be used by either right or left hand archers.
All bows come with a bowstring with center serving and a nocking point installed. Three sizes are available.
  50"  20# draw weight  $29.95
  60"  30# draw weight  $39.95

SF Premium Carbon limbs by win & win

The SF Premium Carbon limbs are made by Win & Win Archery. They are their most affordable carbon laminated limbs. They have a dual laminate wood core, 2 layers of unidirectional carbon and finished with fiberglass front and back. Attractive soft silver finish with appealing graphics. ILF style is available in short, medium or long lengths. Weights from 24# to 40#. Call and check availability.       Your price $199.95 pr.

SF Premium ILF riser
SF Premium 25" forged aluminum ILF style handle riser. Features adjustable limb tiller and side to side pitch. Will accept any companies ILF style limbs. Comfortable rubber grip, and comes with a clicker extension.  Available in both right and left hand.  Black, blue, silver or red  
Your price only $189.95   
 purchase a riser and limbs and receive a free bowstring to fit

SF Axiom limbs
SF Axiom limbs are made by Win & Win Archery. These are an ILF style limb and work well with the Axiom handle riser but will fit any ILF style handle made. Single wood core if finished with fiberglass face and back. Attractive white finish and "Axiom" graphics.  Available in short, medium, & long lengths. Weights from 20 to 36#. Call for availability.
Your price only $89.95 pr.


SF Axiom riserSF Xelium 23" ILF handle riser is made from cast aluminum. Light weight and comfortable especially for younger or smaller people. Will accept any ILF style limbs but works well with the Axiom limbs shown above.  Available in black, dark blue, sky blue,  red, silver  both right and left hand.
Only $100.00       purchase both a riser and limbs and receive a free bowstring to fit



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